Kick Up Your Salad Dressing with a Flavor Boost

If you’re sick of bland and boring salads, try kicking up the flavor a notch with a delicious salad dressing. Over the last decade, the number of varieties in terms of salad dressings has more than tripled. Creative dressings include ingredients that are bold, spicy and even tart. Finding just one favorite may be hard. Instead of trying to pick just one option, try to find the best dressing based on your specific salad ingredients or even consider the season. For example, some dressings are better for summer or winter recipes.

Trying new dressings is the only way to tell what your taste buds desire. If you are looking for something bold, try a salad dressing with a basic vinaigrette that you can personalize to suit your individual tastes. Vinaigrette dressings are typically made from 2 parts oil to 1 part acid. Balsamic vinaigrette carries a strong taste that packs a punch of vinegar and can be used on several different salad ingredients.

When looking for a tart kick to your dressing, vinegar based salad dressings are ideal. Try balsamic vinegar for a tangy dressing or use white or red vinegar for a mild dressing that is enhanced with spices and other ingredients. Regina Vinegar has an abundance of vinegar-based products that are sure to please everyone

If you want a truly unique dressing, you can add other ingredients to your mixture. Milk, cream, sour cream, and yogurt can each be added to your recipe. These ingredients will change the flavor and give your dressing a creamier texture. For a sweet dressing, try adding honey or peanut butter to your vinaigrette dressing. Other popular ingredients that enhance the flavor of any dressings include tahini, Dijon mustard, mayo, avocado, and agave nectar. There is no limit to what you can do!

The most-important thing to remember is to slowly add a little bit of each ingredient as you go along. It is easy to ruin your dressing if you add too much of one ingredient. Instead, start off with a little of each and add more as needed for taste. Don’t be shy when making your dressing; mix and match different flavor combinations to create a salad dressing unlike any other you’ve ever tasted before.

Many dressings easily stay fresh in the fridge for days or weeks, so you can always have your unique dressing on hand for your next family meal or gathering.