Kick Up Your Salad Dressing with a Flavor Boost

If you’re sick of bland and boring salads, try kicking up the flavor a notch with a delicious salad dressing. Over the last decade, the number of varieties in terms of salad dressings has more than tripled. Creative dressings include ingredients that are bold, spicy and even tart. Finding just one favorite may be hard…. Read more »

Balsamic Vinegar Ice Cream

Are you tired of the same old ice cream toppings? Do you want something different than the traditional chocolate and caramel toppings on your summer sundae? If so, try balsamic vinegar as a mouthwatering and unique ice cream topping. Although balsamic vinegar doesn’t seem like something you would drizzle on your this summer treat, the… Read more »

Want a Better Salad Dressing? Make It Yourself

Do you know that making your own salad dressing is pretty easy? And it hardly takes much time at all. This is one choice you can make that will add flavor to your life. Create your own salad dressing and reap the benefits: Consume fewer calories Cut down on fats (especially unhealthy fats) Avoid artificial… Read more »