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Make every meal memorable with Regina

Whether you’re creating a salad dressing, seasoning a sauté, making a marinade or building a sauce, Regina has a product to suit your cooking style.

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  • Regina® Balsamic Vinegar

    Regina Balsamic Vinegar of Modena  is a rich, fused combination of sweetness and smoothness.  Use it to marinate…

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  • Regina® Red Cooking Wine

    Deep red, full-bodied burgundy is superb with meat dishes and other robust foods.

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  • Regina® Red Wine Vinegar

    Recognized as a world standard, Regina Red Wine Vinegar is crafted with an ideal  blend of sharpness and…

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  • Regina® Sherry Cooking Wine

    Amber colored Regina sherry adds deep flavor and richness to soups, gravies, sauces and desserts.

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  • Regina® White Cooking Wine

    Pale gold, dry and full-bodied, this fine sauterne adds complexity and elegance to poultry, fish and lighter meat…

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  • Regina® White Wine Vinegar

    Made from champagne stock Regina white wine vinegar is mild and delicately flavored.  Use it  when you want…

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