Want a Better Salad Dressing? Make It Yourself

Do you know that making your own salad dressing is pretty easy? And it hardly takes much time at all. This is one choice you can make that will add flavor to your life.

iStock_000011073927XSmallCreate your own salad dressing and reap the benefits:

  • Consume fewer calories
  • Cut down on fats (especially unhealthy fats)
  • Avoid artificial preservatives and other artificial ingredients
  • Control the ingredients that go into your dressing—no chemicals, no gluten, all fresh—it’s totally up to you
  • Switch flavors more frequently and easily

How to Make Your Own Salad Dressing

Start with the two base ingredients—oil and vinegar. The general rule is to use two parts oil for every one part of vinegar, but personal preference can stray from that. Experiment to get the flavor you desire.

Many off-the-shelf dressings use unhealthy oils that are overly processed. Choose a healthy, quality oil for your dressing, like extra-virgin olive oil or flaxseed oil.

Choose a vinegar based on the flavors you most like to create. Many vinegars have an indefinite shelf life, so they’ll keep for much longer than your basic bottled salad dressing.

Regina® offers fine red wine, fine white wine, balsamic and raspberry balsamic vinegars. Other vinegars you could choose from include apple cider vinegar and brown rice vinegar. You could even just pair your oil with lemon or lime juice.

Add spices and seasonings to taste, such as salt and pepper, basil, garlic and more.

That’s the beauty of making your own dressing—only ingredients you want are in it!

So, create your own and feel free to share your successes on our Facebook page.